Shaurya Followed Keto Diet To Attain 8 Pack Abs

Hyderabad: Naga Shaurya will be seen sporting 8 pack abs in his first ever sports backdrop film which is under production stages.The actor even stopped drinking water and didn’t even swallow saliva for five days for a shirtless scene in the film.It took nearly nine months for Naga Shaurya to achieve 8 pack abs.

Besides rigorous physical exercises, he followed strict diet.

Naga Shaurya followed a Keto diet, ate fish and boiled vegetables without salt, and included a lot of broccoli in his diet.Naga Shaurya shares that getting proper sleep is the most significant part of the makeover.Very few know that, he was a national level tennis player and it helped him learning the ropes of Archery easily under a coach.Since Shaurya wanted to show something different and dramatic, he flaunted 8 pack abs.

The yet to be titled film directed by Santhossh Jagarlapudi will see Naga Shaurya playing an archer.

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