No power in the world can stop me : Rahul Gandhi.

Few days ago Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi vodra went to meet the family members of the hathras rape victim,and they were stopped on their way at noida by the UP police and taken into custody for violating the covid protocols and the congress leader is now giving a try to meet with the family of Hathras victim and this time he’s determined he will meet them and says no power on earth can stop him.


The congress party leader Rahul gandhi and other party members are going to hathras today afternoon to meet with the family members of the rape victim,rahul said no power on this planet can stop him from comforting those in pain.The indian national congress party also declared that they will be staging a protest on october 5 against the abuse of power by the Yogi adithyanath government.

On thursday the Rahul Gandhi and other party workers were stopped on the way by the UP Police,Rahul Gandhi alleged that the police lathi charged on them and questioned them on what law they are restricting them and also said,under the BJP rule it looks like only the BJP workers and RSS workers has the right to walk on highways and no other citizen is allowed to walk he said.








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