Mother Seetha, true queen of India,an ideal for women

Hyderabad: Dusshera is the festival which is celebrated all over India to glorify the womanhood as well as motherhood in India.we worship many forms of maa and show our respect towards women.

In our scriptures there are amazing characters which show the glory of women in India.
Our scriptures describes

“Yatranaryasthu pujyanthe ramanthe thathra devatha”

Which means where women get respected there gods will live.

One of the woman who inspires every women all over the world is mother seetha, the daughter of king janaka and the wife of lord Sri Rama.

“sithayascharitham mahath”

Ramayana, the epic of lord Rama is also called sitha charitham,which means the life of sitha described by sage valmiki who wrote Ramayana.


Seetha maa was born from mother earth do that she is also called as bhumija. When king janaka was ploughing the field for a yagna in his kingdom mithila, he found one box, there baby girl was found. He put the name sitha.
Sitha was growing along with other sisters urmila, mandavi and shrutakirti
Mandavi and shrutakirti were the daughters of king Janaka’s brother kushadhwaja.
Sitha along with other sisters underwent education from many sages as king janaka had a quality of organizing vidvath sabhas in which great sages were invited.
She was so kind towards nature, plants and animals. She was very patient and truthful since her childhood and the credit goes to king janaka (even women are allowed to undergo education in many ways, king janaka definitely considered as best father)


Sitha’s marriage was an amazing thing happened in the history. Janaka decided to marry her with a person who were able to lift the shiva dhanus, the bow of lord shiva which was so strong. Lord Rama did it and the divine union of Rama and sitha happened.
Everything was going well then suddenly Rama had to go to forest for 14 years. She decided to follow him and faced many terrible situations in the forest, up-to abduction by ravana.sitha’s life teaches us to face the terrible situations boldly.
In the town of Lanka, She was all alone, everyday keeping her self confidence up. And never tempted by ravana’s luxury. This will be the lesson for us to be confident and committed to the purpose.
She was protected by her dharma and sheela.which are the main important essence of human life.
Finally, ravana was killed but lord Rama tested her by Agni pareeksha because she was there in Lanka for a year
even though he knew she was pure. But sitha maa faced it with courage and proved her purity.

They reached ayodhya and Rama took his coronation as a king of ayodhya.

2nd EXILE:

One Butler in the city of ayodhya criticized and insulted the character of sitha as she was lived in Lanka for many months
Rama came to know about this, with all heart breaking pain and suffering, he sent sitha maa to forest again when she was pregnant.
Rama, in his heart knew about sitha’s purity he had to take such a tough decision to protect the greatness of ansector kings of ayodhya.
Sitha maa, accepted the decision with courage and started living in forest under the reign of sage valmiki. She had given birth to twins luv and kush.
She educated them in every aspect. She made them as great warriors.
Luv and kush made Rama and his brothers in the war as they caught the horse of aswamedha yajna which was performed by Rama.
Finally, sitha and Rama met again because of luv and kush but sitha maa took refuge in bhudevi after facing many troubles and tribulations bravely and patiently



She faced many difficulties with patience. She accepted every situation as a gift and never left her dharma as a wife and as a mother.


Ravana, many times tries to tempt her but she held herself to Rama and never thought of another person than Rama.all alone faced demons in Lanka which is an ideal to face the problems

Sheela: (character):

Character is the main essence of human life. She maintained purity in all levels so that nothing can harm her. Our younger generation must learn the lesson of purity from her
Dharma : she always followed her dharma when many situations came in front of her.
Dharma is the core value of human life.

Swami Vivekananda Ji says “sitha is an ideal for women all over the world.
Her life will be the ideal for women and all even though many generations passed
Her life will be an epic up-to time exists.
Jai maa

N. Sai prashanthi, Rk Math volunteer.Hyderabad

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