Science behind Maa Durga

“ya Devi sarva bhuteshu
Shakti roopena samsthitha
Namasthasyai namasthasyai namasthasyai namo namaha ”

These are the verses from Devi sapthashathi of markandeya Purana which describes about divine mother durga who is the mother of entire world.which means Durga, the goddess who is present in every living being as energy, salutations to that mother who is the source of all energy, power and strength and who removes sorrows of Human life

Hinduism is the religion which considered women as shakti and every women is the embodiment of divine mother to represent this, the celebrations of dusshera festival will be there in every part of India as well as world. Mother is worshipped in different forms in different ways all over the world.

“women, the mother
Women, the intelligent
Women, the brave
Women,the strength of their family, the powerful and courageous”

Our scriptures say about women in such a way that they are the main important part of their family as well as nation
Vedic mantras were narrated by our sages and in those sages many were women such as gargi,maitreyi,lopamudra and so on
There are many suktas which narrate about the glory of mother, Devi suktam which is one of those suktas which says about the glory of mother.

Aham rudrebhirvasubhischaram
Ahamaaditye ruthaviswadevaihi

Which means divine mother says “I’m rudra, I’m indra I’m vasus and everything I’m
Which says energy is mother (shakti)
In the entire universe.

Universe will have many forms of energies according to science.our scriptures described feminine version of energy which means feminine names to energy as described before

Shabdabrahma mayi – mechanical energy
Characharamayi – heat energy
Jyothirmayi – light energy.
Vagmayi -sound energy
Nithyananda Mayi – magnetic energy (attraction force)
Parathpara mayi – chemical energy
Mayamayi – electric force, electrical energy
Srimayi – atomic energy

Divine mother durga is the source of all these energies where as Lord Shiva is considered as matter the padartha and mother is considered as shakti. According to science, matter and energy are interchangeable.matter comes from energy and energy comes from matter. Which means they are not different. And science also accepted that the nature will always contain dualities. Motion has inertia and inertia has motion inside it. Which means if the depth of the materials studied many electrons are found in motion. So that sages put the form of arthanariswara which says matter and energy are combined in this entire
The Vedas and Upanishads tried to describe all these facts with many discussions and events.

Mythology part and divine forms of mother:

In our culture and traditions mythology plays very important role. It describes about different forms of mother durga and the stories of glory of mother as well as different gods

Durga sapthashati is the main important stotra of mother in which 700 slokas described the glory of durga. It has three parts
Prathama charitra
Madyama charitra
Uttara charitra
The first part death with the glory of mother mahakali and madhukaitabha vadha
The second part dealt with the glory of mother mahalakshmi and Mahishasura vadha
And the third part dealt with the glory of mahasaraswathi, shumbh nishumbh Vadha.
Sapthashati is described in savarni manvantara and narrated in markandeya Purana,one of the Purana in 18 puranas,these mantras are considered as powerful which are chanted all over the world during dusshera festival.

Devi bhagavatam :

Devi bhagavatam is an epic in which the glory of mother durga in the form of different stories, the stories about demons who killed by mother such as mahishasura,shumbha nishumbha, madhukaitabha, and durgamasura and so on.
And stories of mother’s devotees who were protected from different dangers by the grace of her

Tridevis and their importance :

Our culture always points out about tridevis (Lakshmi,parvathi,saraswathi)
Who are worshipped by devotees regularly for education,wealth and power. They are considered as wives of Brahma, Vishnu and maheswara.
The events which are related to them, in our culture shows us about the way of living and way of behavior towards many things

1.Parvathi :
Parvathi, the daughter of mountains(parvatharaja) himavantha who married to lord Shiva. She is an embodiment of motherhood and power. At one point of time, himavantha did not want to marry her to lord Shiva because he had no palace and luxury but parvathi decided to marry him and told her father
” I do not need luxury of palaces and jewelry but I want place in his heart”

There parvathi showed all women to choose their husbands wisely. Not by the external appearances,luxuries and money but by character of the person.
She sacrificed her luxuries in home and started living with lord Shiva in Himalayas. Parvathi is showing women not to Worry about the luxuries but the love and bonding between wife and husband is very important. She never loved Shiva and her sons by external appearances, she considered by their core value, their strengths and character. This is the attitude mother should develop towards their children.

And whenever necessary mother should teach lessons to their kids as parvathi did many times. When kartikeya and Ganesha were tried to compete with each other, kartikeya went by his vehicle peacock.she identified kartikeya had some arrogance, she supported Ganesha and taught a beautiful lesson to kartikeya.this is the attitude a mother should develop towards sons and daughters.
Mother parvathi is a representative of nature, true womanhood, a pativratha and a true mother. Her father always felt proud of her and told
” O daughter parvathi.. Because of you the world recognises me”

This is the proud every daughter should give to their parents by their behavior and character through out the life.

2. Lakshmi :

Mother Lakshmi, the daughter of oceans (samudra thanaya) and wife of lord Vishnu. She is the goddess of wealth, money and soubhagya.
Many people praise her for the sake of money and Aiswaryam but she had taken right forms of wealth which are needs of Human life.

Dhanam – Money
Dhanyam – food grains
Santhanam – children
Vijayam – victory
Gaja lakshmi- representative of nature and animals
Adi lakshmi- moola prakriti, the cause of universe.

She appeared in the churning of milky ocean by Devas and asuras. And married to lord Vishnu, started living in vaikunta.when ever the demons started struggling universe lord Vishnu has to go to bhuloka and protect dharma, she supported him every time sometimes she had to go to earth to support him and faced many difficulties as a normal woman(as sitha)

Mother Lakshmi is mainly worshipped with many different flowers and milk this has a lesson that a person should be pure as milk and light as flowers (with out any negative qualities such as hatred, jealousy and selfishness) then she will bless that person.
She is so kind and loving towards her children because adi shankaracharya praised her with kanaka dhara stotram and asked wealth for the poor family which fed him, she bestowed her blessings on the family with golden fall of amla.even though it is not there in their fate.

Every body wants to get Lakshmi and they start worshipping her by many things but when people earn money by wrong ways then she will leave the place, and this shows truthfulness and righteousness are very important while earning.
While earning artha (money) people must be dharmic (righteous)


3. Saraswathi :

Mother saraswathi, basically called the goddess of children because she is the source of education, arts, knowledge, Vedas and wisdom. She is considered as the wife of lord Brahma who is the creator of entire universe.

Children basically worship her during examinations time to get good marks and so on.
There are very less temples to mother saraswathi why because the true temple of mother saraswathi is the tongue of an educated man. So she is called as vagdevi who gives clarity of speech.

She wears white sarey and white jewelry and sits on Swan which will be in white colour. This shows purity is the main essence of education, purity should be there in children to get proper education the character of disciple should be clean like white in colour so she wears white saree.
Saraswathi’s appearance shows student must follow brahmacharya ( purity in body, mind, thought) and indriya nigraha (control over senses)

She sits on white swan, sometimes peacock is the symbol of discrimination, A student should have discriminative capacity between good and bad from childhood. This will make him or her successful in life.

Kalidasa, who is an example ,who got blessings of mother who did not know single word in poetry, became an excellent poet and scholar by the grace of mother.and there if self he sang shyamala dandakam.
A beautiful stotra in mother.
Later he wrote many stotras and books in Sanskrit language.

Mookam karothi vaachalam

Which means a person who cannot speak becomes a great speaker by the grace of mother.

4.Mother Kali :

Mother Kali, a fierce warrior and an embodiment of power, bahu balam(physical power) ,strength and courage.

Whenever the destructive forces come and attack devotees and kill them when there is a disturbance in the rhythm of nature because of demons when ever the sages were subjected to suffer then the mother will take her ferocious form to terminate such forces.

Kaali maa will be black in colour which shows even the things which are not good, which are ugly they also belong to her. We should accept pain and pleasure
Good and bad
Positivity and negativity
Happiness and sorrow
With equal mind and should concentrate on her. She will protect her devotees with compassion

A woman can protect, nurture the children everytime, everywhere, in every possible way but the children miss the righteous path, and disturb everything she will punish and stabilize everything. Because she is the mother. Mother Kali also stabilizes whenever is necessary to set right everything.


Dusshera is the festival which glorifies the womanhood in the form of durga as she is the mother of entire universe.
During the festival, she is worshipped in nava durga forms and sapthamatrika forms, what ever is the forms woshipped
The main reason behind this is to respect womanhood and to respect woman who are sacrificing everything.

There are many great women who will be an inspiration to young girls as well as others from different parts of mythology, history, politics, science and technology, spirituality and so on

From mythology
Seetha ,gargi, Maitreyi, sulabha Devi, lopamudra, droupadi, madalasa, chandramathi and so on

From history
Jhansi Lakshmi bai, durgavathi, meera khanadevi, Rani chennamma, rudramadevi and so on

From politics. Sarojini nayudu, durgabai deshmukh, and so on

From science and technology

Kalpana Chawla, Tessy Thomas, shakuntala Devi, leelavathi and so on

Spirituality :
Swami Vivekananda says spirituality is the backbone of India
He pointed out many times the truth of womanhood lies in motherhood.
Many examples for modern woman are
Holy mother Sri Sharada Devi, sister Nivedita

There are many women who are working in different fields for the welfare and development of the nation. Who are, and who will be the representatives of mother durga in this time. And every woman who supports in different parts as a mother, sister, friend, wife and daughter is a representative of mother Durga.

-N. Sai prashanthi, Rk Math volunteer.

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