VIHE – Purity Drilling Machine

We the volunteers of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE), Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad are happy to tell you about VIHE which is a wing of Ramakrishna Math. It is called a “Purity Drilling Machine” which purifies the minds of all sections of the people in the society. It also inculcates human excellence in the youth and children through various regular courses on human values, life skills, personality development and yoga, with the blessings of Adhyaksh Maharaj JnanadanandaJi and under the able leadership of Swami BodhamayananadJi, Director of VIHE.

VIHE works to implement the concept “Head to think”, “Heart to feel” and “Hands to work”. Using this concept, VIHE is training all sections of people in the society with special emphasis on youth and children. The main motto of VIHE is “Aathmano mokshardham Jaggath Hitayacha” which means personal liberation by doing welfare for the world.

By pursuing the courses, one can become an excellent human being as these courses are taught by experienced faculty members. Thus, transformation is achieved in VIHE.

Regular Courses:

1) Positive Thinking &Youth Counselling

2) Steps to Build Self-confidence

3) Personality Development

4) Practical Communication

5) How to become effective leader etc.

Additional Courses:

1) Vivekananda BalaVikas Kendra

2) Contribution Personality Program

3) Train the Trainer

4) Success in Interview

5) Yuva Sangharsh Contest

6) Parents motivational course and etc.

Mental health courses like Yoga, Meditation and other spiritual courses.

Recently VIHE has completed 20 years of seva and entered into the 21st year. Now, the aim is to train one to one & half lakh students per year. VIHE has already trained 18 lakh people and is continuing to take every human being of the society towards Human Excellence.

VIHE is also offering online courses during the COVID 19 pandemic to reduce the mental stress of the students.

My favorite event is the Birthday of Swami Vivekananda which is celebrated on 12 January every year. This day is celebrated as National Youth Day as he is known as the Youth Icon of India. Our celebrations at the Math on this day starts at 8:00AM with the prayer at Swami Vivekananda statue, at Tank Band followed by Pushpanjali to the statue. And then the rally starts with the devotees chanting Slogans like, “Uththishtatha Jagrutha –prapywaran nibodattha,

Arise Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached,

Strength is Life-Weakness is death,

Expansion is Life-Contraction is death etc.”

Every now and then the volunteers shout in ecstasy,

Bharathmatha ki jai….

Jai bolo Ramakrishnadeva ki jai….

Jai Sharadamayi ki jai….

Jai Swami Vivekananda Maharaj ki Jai….


The devotees and volunteers carry not only placards but also flags and banners. Children from many Educational Institutions participate in this rally with their band. Some students wear fancy dress while others come in N.C.C uniform. Our emotions rise high to the peaks during the rally especially, when we sing the patriotic song on Swami ji ” Jago Mere Bharath Vasi”. Words are not enough to describe the emotions experienced by the volunteer during the rally, we have to only feel it.

I have been Associated with VIHE as a student of the following courses:

Positive Thinking & Youth Counselling

Steps to Build Self-confidence

Personality Development Course

Contribution Personality Program`

Art of Public Speaking

Train the Trainers

Success in Interviews

Joy of Meditation

Later, I was blessed with the privilege of becoming a volunteer of VIHE. After becoming volunteer, I came to know that we will crush our ego by doing seva.

VIHE is playing a vital role in transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s excellent human beings, who can contribute their share of service to the society.


Note: For more details, you can contact VIHE

What’s App no.: +91 9177 232 696

Mail id:

– KRANTHI BHUSHAN DADIGE, Ramakrishna math volunteer, Hyderabad.

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