Hyderabad: Due to the increase of negativity, mental stigma, people’s vulnerability and lack of basic sensibilities, we humans face a lot of pain.

Whenever we undergo some pain, our friends and well-wishers suggest us to go for some trips and asks us to take a short break from daily routine. They say taking some break/time helps us to come out of pain, but that literally means escaping from life’s lessons. Escaping never helps, all the more it makes us emotionally weak.

There is no greater way of getting out of pain other than undergoing it and feeling it completely.
Face it, feel it, undergo it, Embrace it.

For example, when we go to an ice cream parlour and have delicious ice cream with our friend, we talk about its taste, feel it’s sweetness, we enjoy the flavour and throw the ice-cream cup into the trash can, similarly, when you had to face a pain, just feel it, talk about it and undergo it completely then, move on!

Life is as simple as it Embracing the pain is the greatest way of getting out of pain. Forgetting and forgiving is the only way to embrace the pain. Don’t let the same reason bothers you again.

Feeling the pain completely, get ridding of the negativity, and moving on helps you!

After embracing it completely, the same reason never haunts your soul. Your heart resists and gives you out bliss. You will start shining, rising above and beyond becomes your habit!


-Saishiva Essampelli, ( 96528 93402)

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