Science is a systematic study of nature and natural phenomena with different hypothesis, observations,analysis and experimental techniques

Since the time immemorial, the human mind tried to understand nature and natural phenomena by observing surroundings.

And there are many people who contributed to science as well. But due to superstitious beliefs in the communities,science faced many difficulties to flourish. During earlier years, many thinkers who thought out of the box, presented wrong concepts due to lack of experimental machinery.

But,due to lack of awareness of scientific thinking and rationality,people used to believe superstitions speculated by some groups in the society.


Many years The superstitious beliefs continued to exist. But many great inventions were made.such as the invention of printing press by John Gutan Berg in 13th century which made knowledge available in the form of papers and books.


After 15th century, science and scientific research began to develop. Slowly scientific researches started by many people in the different places in the world such as gravitation which was discovered by Isaac Newton,and evolutionary theory proposed by Charles Darwin and relatively theory of Einstein,those are the ground breaking discoveries in the scientific field in last 300 years. And during the last century, scientific research grown up fast and many life transforming discoveries came up which changed human life, which had given medicine to several deadly diseases. Many facts about natural phenomena are known to the world with modern equipments. There is a great emphasis on scientific research these days.

Importance of research :

Research is a process to understand facts and laws of nature with systematic way of collecting materials, analysis, interpretation of data and their application of that particular study for society.

There should be an understanding and rationality towards events happening around us without entering into superstitious beliefs.

Scientific research is needed for the welfare of society in many ways such as health care, industry and agriculture.

For the betterment of life style of human society as well as conservation of ecosystem.

Human mind always try to think about solution to the problems, which is innovation.

Research ; past and present :

During past centuries, the scientific research was independent. Which means the study, analysis and experimenting were done independently by scientists themselves after their education. When we see the example of JC Bose, he himself made each and every machine with his own hands which is known as crescograph.

Mendel,who is known as father of genetics, made his own machinery for experiment on plant hybridization.

But now a days, independent research has vanished from science community and institutionalized research is happening all over the world.

The institutes will select candidates for research by conducting an entrance exam,or some other qualifying tests to take them and they will do their research work under particular guide.

Yes, there is a wonderful research coming out everyday but still there are many issues such as plagiarism and so on.


Lot of challenges will be there to continue independent research because of lack of funding,and if always the research is institunalized, may not be possible to get wonderful discoveries as happened in earlier days.


The scientific research plays major role in day to day life of human society. So the research in laboratory has to be applicable for societal benefit otherwise it will be expensive futility. So the application of lab research must be useful for improving living conditions,health care, food production, defense and others. Most important, it must not cause destruction instead of which it must provide harmony and peace in the society.


India, one of the most advanced country in scientific research conducted for harmony and peace, not for destruction.

Some stars of Indian science :

JC Bose

CV Raman

Srinivas Ramanujan

Vikram sarabhai

Homi J Bhabha

Abdul kalam

And so on


As swami Vivekananda says science and religion will meet and shake hands.there must be all round development of human society if there is a combination of science and spirituality to achieve a fruitful society as great leaders visualized.


February 28th is celebrated as national science day in India because CV Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics for his discovery of Raman effect. It’s a proud moment for us and to make next generation scientifically stronger…


Happy National science day to all


N. Sai prashanthi, Osmania university.

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