SCR undertakes steps for Monsoon Preparedness

Hyderabad: South Central Railway accords utmost priority to the safety of its passengers. The Zone has identified vulnerable locations (including bridges) which need special attention during the Monsoon season. The Zone has formulated an action plan for implementation across all Divisions in its jurisdiction for effectively tackling the monsoon season related issues. The action plan has been devised taking into account inputs from all the sections of multi-disciplinary teams involved in train operations and infrastructure maintenance.

Some of the major thrust areas given importance as part of the SCR’s monsoon preparedness includes:

Monsoon Patrolling of Track and watching of vulnerable locations / Bridges: Monsoon Patrolling of tracks in identified block sections is carried out during this period and vulnerable locations and bridges are kept under watch by posting stationary watchmen. During periods of abnormal rainfall or storm in any section, Patrolling is introduced till clear weather is restored.

Railway Affecting Tanks: Around 1900 Railway Affecting Tanks are identified on the Zone which are inspected jointly by Railway officials and concerned State Govt. Officials. State level meetings with concerned Irrigation officials are conducted to review the status of the tanks and repairs. A close liaison is maintained with the State Govt. officials on the current status of these tanks during monsoon.

Water Levels of Reservoirs and Dams: Liaison with State Irrigation authorities have been established by Divisional Railway officials to keep a close watch on the Bridges connected to Dams and reservoirs so that timely action can be taken by Railways in case of release of excess water.

Weather Warning and Cyclone warning message: System exists with respective Meteorological departments for receiving Weather Warning/Cyclone messages, which are promptly disseminated to all concerned field officials to take action.

Anemometers: 30 Anemometers have been installed on station buildings close to the identified Bridges to give warning in case of high wind speed, so as to take prompt action to regulate train traffic.

Water level monitoring system: 12 automated water level monitoring devices are installed on identified Bridges which provide continuous data of water levels at these bridge locations.

Keeping sufficient reserve stock: Monsoon Emergency Reserve Stock materials to restore Track / Bridges are stacked on land as well as on goods wagons at nominated places in the Divisions to meet any eventuality due to flooding / breaches.

Gajanan Mallya, General Manager has instructed all the Officials and staff of the Zone to be extra cautious during this period to tackle any kind of situation. He also instructed officials of all the six divisions to strictly implement safety precautions and reiterated that there should be “Zero tolerance to safety”. The movement of passenger trains should be closely monitored and in case of regulation or disruption of train services, the information should be given at the earliest to the public, he added.

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