‘Raave Naa Cheliya’- Movie Review

Movie Review – ‘Raave Naa Cheliya’
Cast: Nemali Anil, Subhangi Panth, Viraj, Senior Actress Kavitha, Raghu Kaarumanchi, Rachha Ravi etc.,
Camera: Vijah Tagore
Dialogues: Malleswar Bugga
Editor: Ravi Manla
Music: M M Kumar
Art: Narayana
Producer: Nemali Anil
Story-Direction: Maheswar Reddy
Release Date: August 13

During the corona pandemic, the most effected industry might be the entertainment industry. There were no new movies made, no casting works, movie theatres were closed. We could say that the whole industry was shut. But now, theatres are slowly opening and new movies are making their presence on the big screen once again. Among thes newly made movies hides a romantic gem. That is ‘Raave naa cheliya’. You do understand that this is a romantic movie right? Then lets dive into the story.


Gagan (Nemali Anil) is a faction movie director. After giving a series of box office bombs, He was in depression. That’s when the producers make it clear that, Gagan should made a love story not a faction movie. If he were to reject their offer they will find another talented director. After hearing this ultimatum, Gagan decides to make a romantic movie. To change his mood, he decides to visit Vizag. Before reaching his destination, Gagan encounters Raaji (Shubhangi Pant) and falls in love. After following her for sometime, he came to know that she already has a love story. After hearing the story, Gagan decides to turn the story into a movie. After that the main story unfolds. Who is Sagar(Viraj)? Why does Sagar and Raji’s marriage broke off? Does Raji marries Sagar or Gagan?


Eventhough it’s his debut movie, Anil gave a decent performance. If he just puts a little focus on his body shape, there will be no stopping him. His dance moves and fights appear very well. Dialogue delivery was also great. After witnessing his performance, one would doubt that if it is actually his debut as an actor. Shubhangi Pant’s character have many shades. As a village girl, a heroine and a girl confused by her love. She was splendid on the screen. She didn’t expose much of her skin, but made a beautiful impact with her acting skills. Viraj also did a great job. True, he just sleeps on the bed for half of the movie. But after that he is a worth watch. Senior actress Kavitha’s character didn’t have much scope. All other actors like Rachha Ravi, Ramu, Raghu did theri best in their respective supporting roles.

Technical work:

Once you watch the movie, you will say they got one hell of a technical team. MM Kumar’s music is an asset in itself for the movie. Background score and songs are very pleasant to hear. Now, we have to talk about cameraman Vijay, he did a splendid work. He was successfull in pulling the attractions of village environment to his camera eye. After watching the entire movie, one would think that it should be edited more precisely. Director Maheshwar Reddy did a mesmerizing work on silver screen. He didn’t go to extravagent melodramas or other stuff. Maheshwar said what he want to. The straight forward director was successful in reaching the audience. Production department also worked well. Eventhough it is a small budget movie, it gives vibes of a big production movie.


The movie opens with an accident. Our story unfolds in a bid to show how that tragedy occured. There are no double meaning dialogues or any over sexual scenes. We can say that the director made this movie so that the whole family can watch it without any awkwardness. Overall the movie is very well made. But director should have given more emphasis on why Gagan expresses his love to Raji, eventhough he knows she loves someone else? Also, Why Raji is falling for him when she ought to marry another man? These questions are answered in the climax perfectly. But the director should have given more significance to explaining the hearts. There were emotional scenes after interval which should have gotten more attention by director, but they didn’t. But in the finale by saying “Everybody loves Tajmahal. But we can’t make our homes beside it”, director said what he wanted. There is a clear distinction between loving and liking, that is where “Raave naa Cheliya” focuses.

Tagline: A clean Romantic Entertainer
Rating: 3.25/5


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