Wolves organizations brings sports back int Hyderabadis lives!

Hyderabad: Corona crisis has brought the world to a stand still. To escape from its clutches, most of us had to be confined to home. This has taken a toll our health as physical activity suddenly disappeared from our lives. As things are slowly coming back to normalcy..a group of enthusiastic individuals took it upon themselves to bring sports and back into the people’s lives. Through their ‘wolves’ organization, they have decided to organize sporting events and they have the sponsors to back them up financially. They have already donated contributed to CM’s relief fund.

Key people behind this encouraging initiative includes..

charith reddy- took the initiative to gather sponsors and collect necessary funds

Sudheesh Reddy- took the initiative to gather the teams

Varshith Narra- took the initiative to book the ground & Arange sponsors

Sarath Reddy- took the initiative to handle the money given by the teams

wolves organization members have always been passionate about football. So they have decided to organize football tournaments. They believe that football has huge fan following in the city and people would flock to the venue in large numbers to witness these events.

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