unemployment in India and Youth’s ideology towards opportunities

Present situation in India

Many literates in India are unfortunately unemployed because of the high competition in India among youngsters in every field. Despite being skillful, Youth lack self-confidence and blame Government for the opportunities. Youth in India have to change, they should stop complaining about the opportunities and understand that there is a lot of population in the country as this is a democratic country. It is not that the opportunities are less in our country; it is that there is a lot of population increasing day by day in our country.

Youth and their skills

Youth in India lack self-confidence, skills not only include self confidence but also courage, hard work, and effort as they are the elements which help you to reach their goal. It is a bitter truth that Youth meritorious but lack soft skills because they hardly communicate. They may have talent and are skillful but fail in communication.

Soft skills

Soft skills not include good communication but also your behavior and personality management. When you are talking about employment, it is a responsibility of an individual to learn soft skills which helps you develop an impression and also reveals much about you in an interview. Some of the soft skills include

1. Communication skills
2. Dress sense
3. Confidence
4. Body language
5. Etiquettes

Practical knowledge and knowledge from the books

Opportunities are many but youth should rise to the occasion. They should be bold and accepting instead of complaining about the opportunities because talent not only includes grade but also a combination of soft skills and practical knowledge in addition to knowledge from the books.


Youth should accept that our country is a democratic country and there is a high population so there is a cut-throat competition in our country. Despite complaining, youth should focus on developing their skills in various forms where they can understand the culture of interviews and progress their skills

I, hereby conclude that youth should understand that only grades cannot give opportunity; they need to have a lot of courage and soft skills that are require to crack an interview for the opportunities.

-Shreya Raj, Hyderabad.

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