Inconvenience to residents ironically due to library

Inconvenience to residents, ironically because of library

Being the resident of postal staff quarters, I would like to bring to your notice about city central library (Ashok nagar) which is infront of our colony; has now become an IAS coaching centre. The students of library enter the colony without permission and loitter talking on mobile phones as it creates inconvenience to all the residents of the colony.

As there is a Tea stall infront of library, men in huge crowd block the walking way. It creates inconvenience not only to the pedestrains but also mortor cycle riders. Every section in the library is occupied by the IAS Aspirants. There are no other books in the library

I suppose the library is not only meant for coaching students but also for all the outsiders. The students sometimes take part in strikes, they shout a loud and create disturbance to colony residents.

Hope this letter will trigger the concerned authorities to take remedial action

Shreya Raj, Hyderabad


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