Majority of the Youth are supressed under depression finds reporter M Shreya Raj

Youngsters are the trend-setters of society. They mold and inspire the upcoming generations to lead a successful life; but there is something unnoticeable that all we think is youth are busy in their own priorities and occupations. It is true to the knowledge of judgement that they progress their life according to their choices but majority of the youngsters are the prisoners of depression.

Statistics show that the 20% of the teens experience depression before they reach adulthood, and more than half of the youth are depressed, and psychologists say that they lack proper counselling so as to understand that life is not about comparisons but an individual experience. Depression happens only when you pressure your mind by comparing others’ lifestyle and also may include many other reasons such as

1. Overthinking

2. Societal pressure

3. Love Break-ups

4. Financial crisis

5. Lack of self-confidence

6. Career building

7. Stress

8. Anxiety

9. Emotional imbalance

10.  Comparison with other’s lifestyle

Depression also happens when you don’t get the right way to come out of it. You should understand that you are pressurized under perception. What you think may not be always correct. You should always seek others’ opinion may it be any of your loved ones as they know you thoroughly so that you get to know their point of view when they guide you to get out of this suffering.

It is important to understand that counselling is not just done to anyone who is mentally not stable but also to everyone who is suffering without letting their thoughts out. Counselling comforts you, eases your situation and helps you gain clarity on practical vision and helps you develop optimism.

To all the youngsters who are suffering from depression thinking that suffering is personal, focus on exploring your vision towards optimism


-M Shreya Raj, Hyderabad

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