“Master Of Ceremonies should follow Media Laws and Ethics likewise Journalists” counters reporter M Shreya Raj

Why are only Journalists pressurized to follow media laws and ethics?

Industry is the huge platform that is segmented with both Journalism and mass communication; Journalism deals with current happenings around the globe whereas mass communication deals with anything excluding news which involve television programs, cinema, multimedia, corporate communications, Public relations and so on. Industry works on their assigned sectors so as to to ensure their message by any mean reaches the audience

The main motive of mass media is to work and progress so as to relate their content to audience. The bitter truth is that journalists are much degraded in the society despite following media law and ethics whereas masters of ceremony who are otherwise known as anchors gain respect even if they target one among the other audiences by their so called sense of humor. Audience encourage and receive them  with a whole heart instead of questioning them as they do for journalists.

There are certain television shows in which an an anchor or an MC ( master of ceremony) interacts with audience, where audience are seated in group, they come with an excitement to meet their celebrity and they  wait for so long to be seen on national television for a glimpse as it will be one of their most memorable moments to be cherished later on

Targeting audience and satirically degrading them in the name of entertainment and gaining craze based on this sense of humor is unacceptable according to law. It is important to understand that every family member of media industry must follow media laws and ethics while communicating with others. We cannot be informal on the national television as it will be considered as indirectly defaming an individual.

Also, viewers who question media industry should consider anchors and journalists equally because they all are of same family. Evaluating the judgement on media platform should be fair and not partial

-M Shreya Raj, Hyderabad

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